Gilded Playing Cards - Spade Deck in Ruby

Each Private Stock Signature Spade Deck is gilded by hand with metallic gold foil by our skilled artisans and quality-controlled by our playing card experts in order to ensure optimal beauty and performance. Each deck comes with a custom-made clear tuck box that allows the metallic gold gilding to be seen on all four sides through the box. Our Signature Spade is featured on the front of the box and a cut-out on the back of the box reveals the back design of the cards.


Playing Card Deck Details

  • Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Co.
  • Hand-Gilded with metallic ruby foil by Private Stock’s team of artisans.


Tuck Box Details

  • Custom crystal clear box allows metallic ruby gilded edges of playing cards to be visible through the box on all four sides.
  • Front of box features the Signature Spade Deck Brand with a metallic ruby foil to match the gilded edges.
  • Back of box features simple foil stamped design with a cut out window to display the design of the card backs.


Gift Box Details

  • Custom white embossed pattern gift box features a top lid with black top sheet and Private Stock metallic seal branding.
  • Custom insert tray designed to fit Tuck Box exactly and to hold it in place and preserve it when not in use.