Acrylic Invitations Printing & Finishing

What is acrylic foil pressing?

Acrylic invitations are made using a process called acrylic foil pressing. Foil pressing on acrylic is similar to foil stamping on paper stock in some ways, but it is fundamentally different in others. There is a reason why we can do it and nobody else can. Each sheet of acrylic is foil-pressed one at a time using our proprietary stamping system, guaranteeing each piece is perfect.

Can I add edge finishing to acrylic invitations?

Yes, you can! Luxury Wedding Deals does acrylic better than anyone else, and we are the only company in the industry that offers metallic foil gilding on acrylic. We can match the metallic foil edge color to the foil pressed color for perfect coordination.

What kind of printing can I use for the other pieces in my invitation suite?

Since acrylic invitations can only be foil pressed, one option for the other pieces in your acrylic invitation suite is foil stamping to match. The same foil colors are used for acrylic foil pressing and foil stamping. Another alternative is to flat print the other items, including your envelopes, which will help you save.

What kind of envelopes do we use to mail acrylic invitations?

Acrylic invitations are 1/8″ thick and are completely rigid, which can cause damage to regular envelopes during the mailing process. Because of this, we make lightweight cardstock envelopes in-house that not only hold up during the mailing process, but also protect your invitations!

Are you able to foil stamp my guests' addresses on my envelopes?

Unfortunately, we cannot foil stamp your guest addresses, but don’t fret! We can foil stamp your return address, and flat print your guest addresses in a matching color. Or we can forego foil stamping on your envelopes and just flat print the return address and the guest address, which will help you save.

I have an idea, but I don't see it on your website. Can it be done?

We do all of our work in-house, and we are always up for a new challenge. Let us know what you have in mind and we will use our resources to figure out how to achieve your vision.

How do I get started?

Set up your account today to get started on your journey with your Design Concierge. Our staff is composed of artisans and designers who have been in the printing industry for generations. We don’t just speak printing. We live it. The representatives you speak to are not just customer service reps. They have worked side-by-side with our artisans, their tools and our machines, learning about our techniques and capabilities, and are generally knowledgeable about all facets of production. Think of them as translators between you and our artisans.