Fundraiser Projects

Fundraiser Event Invitations & Accessories

When you are hosting a fundraiser for your non-profit or creating marketing materials to share your brand with the world, it is very important to make sure that your event piques the interest of the people who are going to buy tables and contribute, as well as companies that are going to offer sponsorship. A big part of that is making sure that they know that your event is going to be up to par with their standards and to let them know as early as possible. These are very busy people and their schedules can fill up fast. Private Stock is the secret weapon you need to reel in the appropriate audience and give you the opportunity to make stronger connections and bigger sales.

Fundraiser Bookbinding & Giftware
The same principles hold true for any time you are designing commemorative gifts, gift bag items, books to memorialize your events and any additional stationery, bookbinding and giftware items. products. You want to make sure that the impression you make is strong enough to represent the standards of your company. It is essential to put your best foot forward so that you can immediately inspire confidence in potential partners and buyers.

Special Projects
We have a long history of working directly with our clients to design and manufacture projects that are entirely custom. Our technical expertise, vast industry knowledge and wide range of capabilities makes us uniquely capable of turning your unique and sometimes crazy ideas into a reality.

Luxury invitations, bookbinding projects and giftware items are investments into the future of your relationships with prospective clients. Take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your worth and reap the benefits.

Why Private Stock?

Quality, Speed & Communication
Private Stock exclusively produces luxury quality products, and we can do it at record speeds since all of our manufacturing is done in house. This means that we are also 100% accountable and able to deal with any unforeseen changes to the project that could potentially arise with ease. We understand the importance of deadlines and strong communication, and those are our priorities.

Design Flexibility & Technical Expertise
Our designers are fluent in all Adobe software necessary to communicate effectively with your design team or to develop your new designs from scratch. They are also trained to understand how to translate those designs effectively into specialty printing and bookbinding projects in order to achieve optimal results.

Fulfillment – Packaging, Addressing, Postage and Mailing
We can work directly with your event coordination team to address your mailers, package and stamp your invitations, and deliver them to the post office for mailing. All we need from your team is a formatted Excel file and we will¬† produce full proofs for your review prior to mailing. Can’t get easier than that.