Business Cards

What is the point of bespoke (celebrity) business cards?

A celebrity is a person who has achieved prominence, prestige and fame, and who is widely recognized for their accomplishments.  An individual can achieve celebrity status in any field of expertise, and their extraordinary achievements are what propel them to the top of their profession.

Celebrity is about people noticing you and acknowledging your value, and it all starts with the first impression you make. The first seven seconds of meeting with a prospective client, associate or trade contact may be the most important moments of your business relationship. When you introduce yourself, with warmth and sincerity, sharing your feelings about what you can offer them to enhance their immediate and future business goals, you are igniting a spark. Then, when you hand over your business card, you are offering the first example of your standards or professionalism and quality.

This is why Private Stock considers celebrity business cards to be one of the first and most important steps of every potentially lucrative business transaction. Once your new associate has seen the beauty of your card and expressed how much they love it, you will have immediately created a memorable and favorable impression. You have planted a seed, shown that you take great pride in your business, and have built an initial trust that you can deliver a superior product.

If your first interaction with a new partner or client goes smoothly, you are essentially starting at 100%. From here, all you have to do is live up to expectations and you are home free!

Why Private Stock?

Our celebrity business cards can be made extra thick and rigid and can be made with any of hundreds of different paper stock options. They can also be printed with digital printing, letterpress, foil stamping, engraving or a combination of multiple print processes for even more impact. We also offer edge painting, edge gilding, edge beveling, die-cutting and more on our business cards, which can really take them over the top. We can guide you through the best techniques to use based on your logo, your company’s image and the content you would like to include on your card.

Each project above was made 100% custom for our clients, and we can do the same for you. These designs are examples of what we are capable of, and can serve as inspiration for your project. Keep any projects or specific features you like in mind to share with your project manager.