Bespoke Traditional Bookbinding

What Private Stock Offers

Hand Tooling & Genuine Gold Stamping
These are the processes by which genuine gold is applied using heated tools to leather. We can use the tools we have in-house or we can create custom dies to achieve your vision.

Superior Quality Leather
Private Stock uses only the finest leather for bookbinding. The leather we use for bookbinding is individually selected from a skin to minimize imperfections and to display the character of the leather.

Special Projects
No matter what your needs, we will be able to figure out the best techniques and materials to handle your project.

24 Karat Gold Gilding and Custom Color Edge Painting
Private Stock has been gilding books and cards forever, and we even offer our services to bookbinders around the world. There is no company in the world that can gild and edge paint like we can.

Why Private Stock?

Quality, Speed & Communication
Private Stock exclusively produces luxury quality products, and we can do it at record speeds since all of our manufacturing is done in house. This means that we are also 100% accountable and able to deal with any unforeseen changes to the project that could potentially arise with ease. We understand the importance of deadlines and strong communication, and those are our priorities.

Design Flexibility & Technical Expertise
Our designers are fluent in all Adobe software necessary to communicate effectively with your design team or to develop your new designs from scratch. They are also trained to understand how to translate those designs effectively into specialty printing and bookbinding projects in order to achieve optimal results.