Our Process

Private Stock works with a wide variety of clientele. The list includes brides and grooms, event hosts, event planners, charitable organizations, corporations, independent designers, retail stores and industry trade partners. Even though the process of working with Private Stock is individually tailored to each client, the steps are always (more or less) the same.

Step #1

Reach out to us directly at 973.689.7899 by phone , e-mail, or by registering as a new account and providing as much information as possible. We will discuss your project requirements, the style you are going for, any ideas you already have in mind and the best price range for your project. We will determine, based on your project requirements, whether it is best to hold a consultation over the phone, or in person. If you already have a good idea of what you are looking for, it is best to e-mail or call directly so we can get started immediately. This will likely apply to many event planners, designers, retail stores and trade partners.

We can arrange to meet at our New Jersey office and workshop, or your home or office!

Step #2

In this step of the process, we will discuss your design goals and needs down to the finest detail. You will also receive a crash course on different printing methods and specialty finishing techniques. From there, we will brainstorm together and work through all of the details of your project until we have a concrete idea of the direction we are going to take with your project.

Step #3

After determining the basic framework of your project in your consultation, we move on to the more particular details. This step is where you will be presented with font choices, color options, material swatches and simple design drafts. By the end of this process, we will know what print processes, colors, materials and fonts are going to be incorporated into your design, as well as all of the elements that are going to be included in your project. This allows us to put together a final estimate and iron out all of the fine details. The estimate will include both the final price as well as the total production time for your project. Once the estimate is approved, we move on to the next step, which is the final design.

Step #4

Everything about your project is figured out besides the finished design. Based on everything that has been discussed in the previous steps, our Design Team will compose the first proof of your design for you to review. Since the majority of your design has been planned out already, there may be little or nothing to change from this first proof. However, there may be larger changes you want to make at this point and that is completely understandable. Just keep in mind that delays in design approval will push back the final delivery time.

We will work with you to refine your project until you are ecstatic about the final design!

Step #5

Now that your design is finalized, all there is to do is wait for our team of artisans to do their magic. Production time, which was provided to you with your estimate, varies depending on the project. Rest assured knowing that every aspect of production and quality control is handled in-house, with your project manager keeping a watchful eye over every step to make sure that the final product is perfect.


Once your project is completed, it can be shipped to you directly or, if it is a piece that needs to be mailed, we can handle the packaging and bring the finished pieces directly to the post office for you to ensure that your invitations travel safely through the postal system. You have the option to mail the invitations yourself, but we suggest that you allow us to handle the mailing for you on more complicated projects. If we handle the mailing, you will receive a package with finished sample invitations to serve as keepsakes in memory of your event.