Lang Lang 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner Concert Giveaway Contest!

Private Stock partnered with the Lang Lang Foundation to design and manufacture the save the dates, invitations, day of stationery, and a luxury gift box in honor of the Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala.

The gift box features our traditional hand-engraved, hand-beveled and foil edge gilded Signature “Thank You” Notecards. The video below speaks about the Lang Lang Foundation’s mission, and follows the fascinating process behind the development of our Signature “Thank You” Notecards.

Instructions on how to enter to win a set of Bespoke Notecards or a box of our Signature “Thank You” Notecards below the video!

How to Enter

Follow us on Instagram @privatestockbespoke and fill out the form below for a chance to win a set of Custom Personalized Notecards or a box of our Signature “Thank You” Notecards, available in Gold and Silver!

Winners will be announced via Instagram, as well as by e-mail.

One lucky winner will win 50 Bespoke Notecards! Details below:

  • Strathmore Impress 236# Heavyweight 100% Cotton paper stock.
  • Personalized with your choice of gold, silver, rose gold or copper foil stamping. 
  • Beveled edges with metallic foil edge gilding to match foil stamping 
  • Matching blank envelopes 

10 winners who fulfill the Contest Entry Submission Requirements above will  be selected at random to win a box of our Signature “Thank You” Notecards.

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Luxury Gift Box made for Guests of the Lang Lang 10th Anniversary Gala

Private Stock designed and manufactured a luxury gift box to be given to the attendees of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Gala Concert Dinner, which took place on October 10th, 2018 at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City.

Due to the generosity of these patrons of the arts, The Lang Lang Foundation raised more than 1.6 million dollars, funding the organization’s efforts to educate, inspire, and motivate the next generation of music lovers and performers.

  • Gift-Box-Clear-Box
  • Trifold
  • Oprah-Notecard
  • Notecard-and-Envelope-Merged-Layers-Cropped
  • Thank-You-Closeup
  • Notecard-Alone—Top-Left-Angle
  • Notecard-and-Envelope-Merged-Layers
  • Thank-You-Closeup-Silver
  • Notecard-and-Envelope-Top-Left-Corner
  • Opened-Note-Writer-with-Seal
  • Peace-Bird-Closeup
  • Side-Panel-Closeup
  • Note-Writer-Instructions
  • Untitled-1

Box Contents

  • A6 size crystal clear box donated by Clearbags.
  • A6 size informational trifold printed digitally and foil stamped with antique gold on Mohawk Skytone Natural 80# Cover, donated by Legion Paper and Mohawk Paper.
    (1) Sample of a Custom Personalized Notecard we manufactured for the one and only Oprah Winfrey. This card was engraved and burnished with metallic copper ink, with beveled edges and round corners and finished with metallic copper edge foil gilding on Strathmore Impress 100% Cotton 236# Cover in Soft White, donated by Legion Paper and Mohawk Paper.
  • (4, 2 gold, 2 silver) Private Stock Signature “Thank You” Notecards engraved and burnished in metallic silver and metallic gold ink, with beveled edges and square corners and finished with metallic foil edge gilding on Strathmore Impress 100% Cotton 236# Cover in Soft White and Ultimate White.  Matching blank Strathmore Premium Wove A6 envelopes lined with Curious Metallics 80# Text Ice Gold and Lustre, donated by Legion Paper and Mohawk Paper. 
  • (2) Private Stock Global Harmony Note Writer foil stamped in satin gold with included Golden Seals, diecut from Strathmore Impress 100% Cotton 118# Cover in Soft White, donated by Legion Paper and Mohawk Paper. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our next post, where we will be announcing our Lang Lang Notecard Contest! You will have the opportunity to win Custom Personalized Notecards, or a box of our Signature “Thank You” Notecards!

Invitations for Lang Lang 10th Anniversary Gala

The Save the Dates we made a while back for this event were a HUGE HIT, and the invitations were the next item on the agenda. The most important things we were concerned about with the invitations were:

  • Matching the tone of the save the dates, but also making them unique
  • Fitting all of the necessary information about the event
  • Including all of the appropriate inserts for the event in one package

What we decided to do was make a booklet invitation, which worked out perfectly to solve all of the above issues. The artwork for the cover of the booklet was similar to the front of the save the date, but the fact that it was a folded card definitely differentiated it. Also, because it was a folded card, there were two additional panels to fit content, and we were also able to place the multiple insert cards for the package in the interior of the folded card.

The paper stock we used for these invitations was Sirio Ultra Black 280 gsm, which was scored, and then duplexed to 560 gsm in order to give these cards some extra thickness to really show off the edge gilding. The total thickness of the cards when closed is a whopping 1,120 gsm. The 7″ x 7″ invitations were foil stamped on all four panels with an antique gold foil, and the edges were gilded in antique gold to match.

  • Invitation-Corner
  • Invitation-Inside-with-Die
  • Invitation-Outside-with-Foil-and-Die-2

To make these invitations stand out even more, we paired them with Curious Metallics Gold Leaf envelopes, which were letterpress printed on the face and the flap in black. The recipient addresses were then digitally printed on all 900 envelopes! Once that was done, we applied the stamps and completed the fulfillment for this project by delivering the invitations to the Post Office!

  • Envelopes-with-Stamps
  • Envelope-with-Die

Next up comes the amazing gift box we are putting together to give to all of the attendees of the Gala. Stay tuned for more beautiful stationery items!